Anique is looking for a talented and strong partner for latin. Minimum hight must be 168
Anique has been dancing youth for 2 years and is willing to dance either junior II, Youth or u/21.

Anique is looking for a partner who can relocate to Denmark, she lives in Copenhagen. Accomodation can be provided. She is willing to travel for lessons, training camps etc.


With her former partner she was 3rd on the danish ranking youth latin.

Anique is a strong and mature dancer for her age. She has excellent work ethics and is determined and focused in her training! She is looking for a partner with the same ambition to learn, practice and develop at a high level.


In Copenhagen Anique lives with her family. Her twinsister is also dancing, she is dancing with a partner from Moscow.


For pictures and latest videos take a look at her webpage:

Find her on facebook.


Please contact Aniques teachers for more information;

Martino Zanibilatto & Michelle Abildtrup - or 

Claus Larsen -

anq hu